"I have been riding with Christine for 2 years now. In that time she's taken me and the draft-cross I ride from barely Training Level to schooling 3rd Level. She has never once had a negative or unkind thing to say during our lessons. They are seriously the highlight of my week. She always leaves me with exercises to work on when I am on my own so I can continue to advance my horse's training when I ride alone. She has a knack for working with non-traditional breeds and has helped him reach a level that most people wouldn't think possible by allowing his stellar work ethic to make up for what he lacks in flashy gaits. Her focus on correct basics has allowed us to be competitive at rated shows against plenty of fancy warmbloods. She has helped me reach my goals despite my time and budget restraints. She is always there for me at competitions and she has helped me see them not only as an opportunity to show off my skills but also as an opportunity to gain valuable feedback from the Judges. Though every time I step into the show ring I feel confident and prepared because she has never pushed me to do something that I wasn't 100% capable of doing well." - Kristina H.
"Christine Stephenson has been my trainer for the past three 1/2 years. I can not begin to tell you how thankful I am that I found her! She has taught me so much! I had two trainers before her who taught me the basics but it wasn't until I met Christine did I really begin to understand how to communicate and connect in and out of the saddle with my horse and other horses in general. I learned from her how to handle my first horse who was difficult, extremely sensitive and reactive. I listened, watched and learned. She showed me not only how to ride but also how to take care of my horse. She was there for Vet. visits, which were constant, farrier visits and brainstorming on how to keep my horse sound and healthy! We were a mess until I found her and by the time I sold that horse I had learned a bundle. So, when I bought my next horse, I was so much more prepared and wise! And she helped me with that purchase too! Now, I am advancing in my riding. It takes awhile to gain the strength to do dressage! But we are working hard together and I know soon I will be ready for the show ring! I feel really bonded with my draft cross horse now and my confidence in the saddle is growing stronger everyday! I'm a 50 Something Girl who is fulfilling my childhood dream of riding and owning a horse! I'm so thankful for Christine! She is amazing! So talented and gifted as a trainer and a rider! I love watching her with her own herd of beautiful Warmbloods! She is warm and gentle with each one of them but firm. They know who is boss and love her and listen to her perfectly! Thank you Christine for helping me to live my dream everyday! ����" - Terri C��" "
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