Beginner Riders

Private 60 minute lessons for children ages 5 years – Adult. Lessons cover tack-up to tack-down and any horse care needed. (feeding, mucking, baths, etc.) Lesson Fees include “horse use fee”, discount given if you have your own horse.  

  • Single Lesson $50
  • Package of 4 - $190 
  • Package of 10 - $450
Mommy and Me lessons for moms (or dads!) with children ages 2-4. This is in introduction to horses at the level of your child. Grooming, bathing (weather permitted), and lead pony ride on one of our horses.
  • Single lesson $25

Riding can be cancelled for weather,  horse injuries, or any loud construction on the roads, sometimes without much advance notice. I try my hardest to give earliest notice, but can only control so much. No fee for any rescheduling.

24 hour cancellation is requested.

Once students successfully can tack-up and down, walk, trot, and canter unassisted they will be turned over to Christine Stephenson.

Advanced Riders

Private 60 minute lessons for all students that can successfully manage the horse from the ground as well as walk, trot, and canter without a lunge line.  

If you have your own horse -

  • Single Lesson $70
  • Package of 4 - $260 ($65/lesson)
  • Package of 10 - $600 ($60/lesson)

If you borrow one of our Lesson Horses -  

  • Single Lesson $95
  • Package of 4 - $360 ($90/lesson)
  • Package of 10 - $800 ($80/lesson)

Horses for Lease

We have several horses for lease, each package is negotiated with horse owners. Leases range from day leases to full leases (7 days a week).

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